Dr. Christiane Schwieren

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My current research mainly deals with two questions: "How do framing effects work?" and "What are the side effects of competition?"

Other topics I have been working on are discrimination on the labour market, public good games, and implicit attitudes.

Below you find descriptions of each of my main research topics and some downloadable working papers.
On the right side you can see with whom I am mainly working.

Framing effects    

I got interested in framing effects when a seemingly easy project didn't turn out the way we expected.  We had planned to replicate framing experiments with public good games and study how parameter changes interact with the framing effects. We could, however, not that easily replicate the framing effects. This started a series of experiments I am still working on, where we try to establish the limits and mediating factors of framing effects.


Economists usually view competition as something positive, a tool to reach efficiency and spur employees to high effort level. Public opinion however sometimes has a different view: Competition means stress, exhaustion and extreme pressure for workers. In a series of experiments, we analyse the "side effects" of competition - on cheating, trust, and other variables.

Other projects    

Among the other topics I am working on is a project on representative's play of public good games, several studies on gender differences in behavior and discrimination and some experiments on trust.